Monday, October 6, 2014

The Magic of Words

"The Magic of Words"

Words mean the world to me. As a writer, they are constantly buzzing around in my head. They are my pride, my joy and my bane all rolled in to one. They make the world more interesting, they allow us to see everything in a new light, as long as we know the word we need to describe it. 
Imagine it now, someone close to you says,

 "It was a watermelon." 

The mental image brought on by those words alone brings an image of the large green fruit, but add a few more words... 

"It was a sweet, juicy watermelon."

The picture is different now. Instead of seeing just the watermelon, now I can see a wedge of cut watermelon in someone's hands. They're smiling as the juice from the pink flesh of the fruit runs down their fingers and drips off their wrists. 
Two extra words created an entirely new scene, a more vivid one. The fact that words can do that amazes me. The way we see the world, depends on words we have to describe it. Someone who has a lot of words can look at the same wheat field as someone without and when asked what they saw the two responses would look a bit like this, 

"I see a field." 


"I see a field of golden grain that spreads out until it touches the edge of the forrest." 

Words are the difference between, 

"The wind blew." 


"The leaves on the tree danced in the wind as it howled outside." 

If that isn't magic.. I don't know what is.

Words are wonderful, endless possibilities. A combination of just 26 carefully placed letters can create anything in the world and even beyond. Even better, it doesn't stop with my language, any language has words that can create pictures and nothing is more magical than being able to share a picture that isn't really there.

 I want to share my words, my stories, my images, my hopes, my dreams, my thoughts, all with these amazing tools. 

That is why I write, why I love to read, and how I think. 

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