Friday, October 3, 2014

Random Short Story

The inspiration said to start with;
"It was a dark, stormy night..." 

It was a dark, stormy night and the wind howled through the trees as the clouds roiled above. The rain pitter pattered against my windshield as I drove along the highway and the windshield wipers struggled to keep my window clear. The lack of moonlight made my drive home darker than usual, even my headlights couldn't penetrate the darkness very well. My nerves started to get the better of me as I continued along the dark stretch, keeping my speed slow in case I needed to stop suddenly for an animal or even, judging by the way the trees swayed in the aggressive breeze, downed trees or branches. I leaned to turn my music up in an attempt to ease my anxiety, taking my eyes off the road for only a second. When my gaze returned to the road, a yelp froze in my throat as I saw her, a lady in what looked like a long white dress and I was headed straight for her. Shamefully, I closed my eyes as I slammed on the brakes and jerked the car to the side to avoid her. The car stopped mere inches away from a deep and awful looking ditch. My knuckles were white on the steering wheel and I regained my breath in short, deep gasps before remembering the woman. Had I hit her? What had she been doing in the middle of the road on a night like this? Despite the storm still raging outside, I stepped out to look for her.
"Hello?!" I called as the rain soaked in to my clothes and lightning illuminated the road from above, yet there was no sign of the woman in white. There was no way I'd imagined her.. I'd seen her face right before I'd sent my car careening towards the side of the road. "Hello?! Is anybody there?!" My voice broke and my teeth began to chatter while the wind began to blow colder. Pushing my hair out of my face, I continued searching for the woman I'd seen as I was blinded by rain in the already impossible darkness. A light parted the darkness and I gasped while standing in the middle of the road as the car swerved to miss me, narrowly avoiding ending up in the deep ditch the same way I had. "I'm so sorry, are you ok-" my voice caught in my throat when I watched the woman get out of the car. She was wearing a dress.. no, it was a coat that made her look exactly like the woman I'd seen. A coat that looked exactly like mine.
"Hello?!" I heard my voice cry out as she began to get soaked with the pelting rain as she looked for me, though I was standing right in front of her. "Hello?! Is anybody there?!"


  1. I love this! Such a good short story ! :D You should post more of them :)

  2. Alright thank you for scaring the shit out of me!