Monday, September 29, 2014

I tried to read The Voice in my Ear, let me tell you about that.

The Voice in my Ear by Ken Newman

It may seem like I haven't read anything since The Ilia Stone, but that's not true. I tried REALLY HARD for a couple of weeks to read a book called "The Voice in my Ear" by Ken Newman. 
It's a book that I've had to place into a category that I hate, which is unfinished. 

Layla is the kind of girls that gets under a guy's skin...literally.
Mere moments from a gruesome death, Zack Cole makes a deal with a mysterious stranger. To live, Zack reluctantly becomes the guardian of Layla, an exotic woman struggling under a terrible curse.
The spirit of a 4,000 year old witch, Layla exists as a living tattoo, unable to survive without a willing host.
Despite a rocky start, Layla discovers an intimacy and passion with the cocky, womanizing Zack that transcends her dreadful curse. Determined that Zack will be hers, Layla uses her vast power to help him solve the mysteries surrounding his attempted murder, unaware that Zack is the target of a vicious band of outcasts on a deadly mission for God.

Personal Opinion: 
Judging the book by the blurb I thought I was going to love it so I was pretty excited. However, the second I started it, I was already confused and wondering what the heck I was reading. I tried my hardest to keep reading, but it was becoming something I had to make myself do and I had no problem finding excuses to put the book down. After I realized I was entering the awful thing called "The Reading Slump" I decided to quit. Since I did not finish the book, I did not review it formally. However if you'd like to read my thoughts on what I did read, you can find my review on Goodreads HERE
As I did on the facebook page, I have to stress that just because I didn't find this book fascinating, doesn't mean you won't,  don't allow me to influence your free thinking, decide what you think of this book on your own, mmk?

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