Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Copy

The Copy by Grant Boshoff

I was given a copy of The Copy (*giggle* I couldn't help myself, wordplay is so much fun.) shortly after its debut. I enjoyed it very much. 

Ambitious geneticist Geoffrey Bartell is fighting for his life. His company is under legal and political attack while his marriage crumbles around him. Desperate to recapture his once idyllic life he comes upon the perfect solution by creating a copy of himself, and together they set about picking up the pieces. 

But the perfection is short-lived, as the two’s priorities begin to diverge. As the jealousies and resentments build they come to realize that while living alone was difficult, living as two may be impossible. Things take a dark turn and before long Geoffrey Bartell finds himself at the center of a criminal murder trial in which he now must fight to salvage what life he can.

Personal Opinion:

Yes, The Copy is exactly as complicated as it sounds, but in such a way that is so perfectly executed the reader can not only understand exactly what is happening but has time to stay in constant suspense while reading the most intense "whodunnit" ever.

Typically, this genre isn't my favorite. I have always found mystery thrillers very predictable. It pleases me greatly when I am able to be surprised by something like this. The synopsis, which Mr. Boshoff sent me on the facebook page, caught my attention and though I was weary of that fact after the fiasco with The Voice in my Ear which had also caught my attention with an interesting synopsis, I decided that I shouldn't be so jaded and give it a shot. I'm glad that I did. 

The novella opens in the middle of the murder trial and slowly the reader is given the facts. At first the facts match up with the testimonies being given, but towards the end, they begin to deviate from the truth, which leads up to the heart-pounding conclusion. In this back and forth telling of a modern day struggle between good and evil you'll find yourself rooting for the copy.

Favorite Quotes: 

The novella is fairly short, so I'm leaving out the quotes so as not to spoil anything for anyone.

Overall Rating:


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