Friday, January 16, 2015

Goodreads Reviewers Piss Me Off

This Rant will contain language that is not for the young or faint of heart.

I want to start by talking about opinions for a second.
They. Do. Not. Matter.

My opinion doesn't matter, the next reviewers opinion doesn't matter.
Read the book and find out yourself.

So many times I go to Goodreads to see if others loved a book as much as I did only to find that the majority of the reviews are #1) WRONG (which I will explain in a bit) and #2) JUST PLAIN MEAN.
I dislike Goodreads reviewers greatly. They let the power of a review go to their heads and suddenly they feel like they are gods who can stomp on something because they didn't,  like it, or 
in most cases I've seen, just plain didn't understand what they were reading. The only reason I keep my Goodreads is to give those 5 star ratings to those who deserve it. 

Nothing peeves me more than when a review cries Insta-love.
I saw it in the reviews for Blood Magic, and I saw it in the reviews for Sweet Unrest.

I want to point out that the reviews containing "WARNING INSTA-LOVE" banners are almost all from teenage girls who got their copies of the book from Netgalley or Edelwiess. This angry blog post is an open letter to all of them. 

Shut up, you annoying, arrogant little brats. 
Just because you can't understand a story's deeper meaning because it was written by an adult does not mean you have to go ripping on it so you can feel better about your weak little mind not grasping the story or the words that were between words. You may love to read, but if all you can do is throw around words you once heard from the publishing industry like "Insta-love" perhaps you don't know how to truly ingest a story at all. 
No. These little brats aren't here to help the authors, they're here for the free books and the chance to act like they're top shit because they get to put out a review that will influence the opinions of other readers before they've even opened the book. 

Now, I'm an adult, so perhaps I have a bit of an advantage when it comes to reading between the lines and seeing what has to be felt when it comes to the words, but i've had that ability ever since I found out that I could melt into a book and become a part of the world that lived inside it and if you're going to review books and have an impact on how they potentially sell or not, I expect you to at least TRY to do the same. 

Blood Magic focuses on two teenagers first off. I have never seen two teenagers NOT think that they were instantly in love, okay? So Shut the hell up about Insta-love here, because in this case it's supposed to be there you blind little brats. ESPECIALLY in Blood Magic, where both the main characters needed that something to hold on to while their worlds were falling apart. 

The one that confused me the most those was Sweet Unrest. I had to wait halfway through the book to get a love connection! How is that insta-love exactly? 
It's fricken not. 

Both books were called unorignial by multiple reviewers. What the hell are you reading because I've never read anything like either of these books. EVER. 

So seriously, Goodreads is a joke and the reviewers need to get the fuck over themselves because honestly, they're hurting the book industry more than anyone else. 

Think for yourself. 
XOXO  Happy Reading! 

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