Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cut Scene

So I'm writing my novel right, and a problem comes along that throws the entire plot out of whack. I was horrified, I'd already put too much into the idea and the story to scrap the whole thing, so I tried to make the problem work. The problem was that the way I had set the timeline and the events at hand blah blah blah, end result I would have had a novel about time travel where my antagonist was only ten years old. *facepalm*
Like I said, I tried to run with it.. I thought.. maybe I can make it work? I mean the overall theme of the book is supposed to be, "The world is in a really sorry state right now." sort of thing. A lot of messed up things happen, would it really be surprising if a ten year old was able to corrupt the American government?
Yeah.. I laughed too, but only after I had attempted to make it work, which is where this (cut because no longer relevant) scene I like comes from. 

“I wish there were another way to avoid this whole mess.” She said as her eyes softened and she rubbed her forehead. “The targets are innocents after all. It's not as if they purposely raised their child to be a demonic tyrant with a mass of followers by age ten.”

Rico snorted. 

“Or so we assume.” he said coldly. “For all we know they're projecting the blame on to the kid. It's best to snuff them out and avoid any chance of this ever becoming a problem. Y'know? It's just better this way. Don't go getting a conscience on me now, Dunlop.”
Daniel listened in horror. They were going to use the information he agreed to give them to kill people? Innocent people. He backed away, shaking his head.
“You're awful..” He said, “I thought you said I could trust you?” he said to Rico, who looked startled. “I'm not going to help you murder innocent people!”
“I told you this wasn't going to be easy, but it's for the best. That couple's son destroys the richest nation in the world when he turns just ten years old, at his command the military and police that were meant to protect and serve slaughtered thousands of people who just wanted their country back. Is this the future you want?” He motioned towards the hundreds of people all working. “They're fighting because they have nothing left to lose. They've lost family, friends and children, their jobs, their homes and some of them are willing to lose their lives so that no one else has to. You're a spoiled brat, so I can imagine you don't know what that feels like but we're doing our damnedest to make sure you never do.” He snarled.
Daniel paled. He had nothing to say to that, but he didn't feel right aiding in the murder of innocents. Running his hands through his hair, he shook his head again.
“I realize that, but there has to be a better way..” He breathed. “Anything better than blatant murder, because if you do that, how are you different than the bad guy?” A tense moment passed where Daniel stared up at Rico expectantly while Rico looked as though he'd swallowed his tongue.

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