Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Where's Chainsaw?

I've been MIA again lately. I even forgot to post the word of the day on the facebook page yesterday!
Click the 'Read More' and I'll tell you why~ 

I do have a good excuse though, I swear. On top of school just starting, I also have the most abhorrent allergies ever, and they are trying to kill me. It's called Hay Fever and since I live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by miles upon miles of fields, the types of pollens that strike up my allergies are EVERYWHERE. So as a result, at first it starts out like a tiny cold and then come the third day I'm hacking out my lungs and drinking hot tea by the gallon while curling up on the couch with my watering eyes and sore throat stuck between a warring state of "I'm freezing" and "I'm burning alive" though no actual fever is present so it's impossible to fight it. Sounds fun right? hahaha, No. 
So pair that with the beginning of my daughter's school year and school bus schedule complications and you get a very distracted and frazzled Chainsaw who no longer knows up from down, can't carry a single thought for more than five seconds (unless it's "Ow, ow, ow.") or if she posted the word of the day or shared anything fun for her bookworms. 
 Alas, there is good news!
I am starting to feel better! (I only hacked up my lungs once today! =D) and the busing schedule should be fixed by the end of the day. So after I get some much needed cleaning done I will finally have the time (and the brain capacity) to sit down and read, write, and keep up with the page.

Happy Reading! 

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