Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Writing Prompt

Day 9
Obit for Your Favorite Character
Write an obituary for your favorite fictional character (literary, television, etc.), including
how the death occurred.
This was really hard to pick a character for obvious reasons, so I picked one that's already (presumably) dead. The character I picked is a character from the anime Code Geass, so MASSIVE SPOILER ahead if you haven't yet seen it yet.

Lelouch Vi Britannia 

LelouchVi Britannia , also known as Lelouch Lamperouge, died while attending a parade in his honor. He was assassinated by the mysterious Zero, leader of the Black Knights and of the Rebellion. He will be remembered by all as quite possibly the worst tyrant ever to control Britannia and surrounding areas in the history of the world. His harsh command inspired the world to take the steps needed to enter in to an era without war. As a person, Lelouch will be remembered by his charisma, charm and inexplicable power of persuasion. His sister remembers him as a good and loyal man who's heart was in the right place.  

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