Saturday, August 9, 2014

Writing Prompt

Day 6
Alphabet Poem
Write a 26-line poem using all the letters of the alphabet. Have the first line start with the
letter “A,” the second “B,” the third “C,” etc.

Erm, before you click the read more, just know that poetry is not my strongest point.. I- maybe no one should read this one. -Jessi
*update* I edited this. 

As the clock ticks the minutes away I wonder where my life is going
Believing in magic seems to do no good once a person is done growing
Cautiously I wonder through this life hoping, praying for a break
Dejected, because everything seems to make my heart ache
Even when I'm down, the hope keeps me from giving up
For some day, I hope good fortune will overflow my cup
Goodness, I believe, shall come my way.
Hallowed retribution, I beg you, my name say.
I refuse to fall.
Joss, please head my call
(let me) Kiss the worry and tribulation of life goodbye
Look here and see what I see with my hidden eye
Moonbeams watch me as I work
Narrowly, I'll avoid the murk
Of the demons who swirl in my head
Prophesying failure, filling me with dread
Quit it! I cry, covering my ears
Redundant are these age old fears
Still I write, keeping my goals in sight
The future feels as though it could be bright
Underneath my fear and doubt still lies a hope
(that)Very well could be my rope.
Whether I reach my goal, only time will tell
(if I'll) X out my fears and ascend from Hell
Zephyer, hear me, and carry my hopes far and wide, lest you drop my vanity filled pride. 

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