Monday, August 4, 2014

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt Bootcamp, Day #2
"The One That Got Away"
You bump into an ex-lover on Valentine’s Day—the one whom you often call “The One
That Got Away.” What happens?
This was August 3rd's prompt, but I'm publishing it today.

I closed my eyes as I stood in line at the coffee shop. It was the only way I could get away from seeing all the couples standing around me. Where all these people had come from, I had no idea. It seemed as though they'd all just popped up next to their friends all of the sudden. I didn't remember the line being quite this long when I'd come in. I didn't really care that the line was long. It wasn't like I had anywhere to be or anything. I just hated being the one standing alone amid all the other people who were holding hands or hugging their special person. I scowled bitterly to myself. It wasn't like they did this crap every day. It was only because the day was “Special”. Yup, that's right, I'm that person, for today is Valentine’s Day and I am, it feels like, the only one without a valentine. I tapped my foot to the hipster music that wafted through the air and tried to ignore the couples all around me. I looked down to the floor while humming along with the music and watching my shoe as it fell with satisfying claps on the tiles. I guess I got a little too caught up listening to some song that I had never even heard before because I didn't even see or hear him approach me. He startled me by touching my elbow, which dragged me out of daydream, a music video I was directing in my head starring the characters from the latest book I had been reading.

“Oh, Sorry..” I mumbled, and tried to move aside, automatically thinking that I'd gotten in someone's way. I didn't actually look up until the owner of the hand on my elbow didn't let go as I tried to move away. The second I raised my head I was meeting baby blue eyes and a soft smile. My breath caught and I was transported in to a memory from not so long ago. A heartfelt kiss and a tearful goodbye.
“James?” I squeaked, unsure of myself in that moment. Of all the days to run in to James, my 'One that got away' it had to be the day I didn't bother putting anything better than sweats and a loose fitting sweater on. My sandy blonde hair hung in a lose bun, I hadn't wasted any time with make-up. I probably looked like a homeless person and there he was, looking like he'd just left a modeling shoot. I had felt as though the world shifted completely and I had fallen right off. I even stumbled slightly and had to catch myself before I fell.
“Yup.” He said with a grin, his blue eyes sparkled as he looked down at me. “It's been a while, Kayla.”
It had only been a few years since we'd last seen each other. His hair was longer than it had been when I'd last seen him, and his dark curls hung just below his ears and were pushed away from his face where they fell in a sort of messy elegance and his blue eyes shone in the sunlight that filtered through the large floor to ceiling windows that made up the entire front of the building. I knew that look in his eyes. He was happy. I did my best to fix a smile on my face, but I couldn't help the strong urge I had to cry. The universe had to be playing a cruel joke on me right then.
“Are you here with anyone?” He asked suddenly. I froze. I had no idea how to respond. In my head I tried to decipher why he might have been asking. Was he trying to find out if I was alone because he wanted to rub it in my face if I was? Or maybe he wanted to know because he was hoping I was still single. I'd been the one who'd so stupidly suggested that we're split up before we both went off to different colleges. Worst mistake of my life.
“No. Just me.” I replied softly, tucking a loose strand of hair behind my ear and looked away blinking profusely as I tried to fight the burning in my eyes. I thought to myself bitterly, Yup, still alone. No one was able to top you.
After what felt like a million years, the line started to move and James moved with me. Suddenly, I knew how so many people had gotten in line ahead of me.

“Me, too.” he said with a grin and looped his arm inside of mine. “May I join you?” 

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