Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Writing Prompt

Guess who hasn't been keeping up with her writing prompts? 
It's me. 
I haven't been keeping the blog updated either. 
This prompt is about a week old. 
Day 8
Full Disclosure
They toured the house with the real estate agent.
“We love it,” he said. “Is there anything we should know about the house’s past?”
The agent looked down.

The agent's eyes lowered and she glanced off to the side while her blonde hair covered most of her face. Her bright red blazer was pulled tight in the shoulders as she crossed her arms and she chewed her cherry red lip for a second before looking up again.
“The house does have a history.” She said slowly, as if she were choosing her words carefully. “Any old house like this does.” The couple looked at her expectantly, waiting for her to delve a bit in to the history of the house. Seeming to realize this, she smiled and laughed. “Oh, Specifics always get lost from owner to owner so we know that the house was a plantation once upon a time, but that's about it. Did I show you the beautiful garden?” She asked, moving quickly to open the luxurious french doors that lead to a newly stained deck which over looked the garden. Shana glanced at her husband and raised an eyebrow, to which her husband, Mark, replied with a shrug. They followed the agent, Kelly, out on to the deck and took a look around. Shana pressed the subject her husband had asked about earlier.

“If we wanted to find out about the home's past, where would we look?” Kelly had her back to the couple, so they didn't see the look of annoyance that passed over her face. She turned to face them and she'd replaced the look with one of kindness.
“Why I don't know,” She said, her southern accent so thick now it practically dripped from her lips. “if you'd like, I can look in to it and give you a call when I find out. That is if someone doesn't buy the house before you.” She added with a sweet smile. Mark knew they were being pressured. He knew the game well.
“Well, we want to make sure that we make a fully educated choice.” He said with a tight smile, his voice firm as he put a hand on his pregnant wife's shoulder. “Can never be too careful with these types of choices.”
Kelly blinked several times. “Yes, of course.” she said. “I understand. Well, sorry to rush off, but I have another showing in..” She glanced down at her bracelet and made a face. “Thirty minutes. Gotta dash.” She waved and wiggled her fingers while calling out a goodbye. She could not have been more clear that the showing of the house was over.
Shana and Mark exchanged another glance as they were ushered from the home and the doors closed behind them.
“That was odd..” Shana commented lightly as she and Mark walked down the driveway to their car. Mark's head bobbed in agreement. Something had definitely been strange with the agent since they had asked about the history.
“I think we'll keep looking.” he said, causing Shana's shoulders to droop.
“Mark.. I'm 8 months pregnant, we have to do this, like.. now.” She said with agitation in her voice. Her soft brown hair blew in the wind and the sun make her eyes glow as he looked at her delicate features.
“I know, I'd just rather we didn't move in to an ax-murder house. You know?”
Shana chuckled softly and looked at her husband as she climbed in to the car.
“Ax-murder, huh? Is that what you think she was hiding?” She asked, adjusting the seat belt over her large, pregnant belly.
“Had to be something gruesome. Did you see the way she tried to dodge the questions? This house must be hard to sell to people who live around here because they must know what happened in it.”
The couple drove off, speculating between the two of them what may have happened at the house. Meanwhile, Kelly watched through an upstairs window, waiting for them to get down the block. When they did, she turned just as a figure was appearing in the doorway. A large man in a formal suit, dark wisps of dark vapor rising all around him.
“I told you this wouldn't work.” Kelly said with a sigh, rubbing her forehead. “Everyone wants to know the history of the house.”
“So lie..” The man said, his smile bright and dangerous as he entered the empty bedroom and circled Kelly with a predatory look. “Lie to them and make them feel nice and cozy. I need an energy source and soon.” he purred. Kelly trembled.
“Yes, Lord Satan.” She murmured softly, keeping her eyes low.
“Come now.” Satan said in a soft voice. “It's not as though anyone knows the actual truth behind the history of this house.. How could they? It's not as though many actually believe in me anymore.. Which is why I need the tributes to thrive. In a few years, after a dozen or so families have all been viciously murdered here, we'll have to move the portal. For now though,” He grin gleamed. “Make something up. A family with a child will have a delicious energy to feed me.”
“Y-Yes, my Lord.” Kelly whispered, staring at the floor.  

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