Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Writing Prompt!

The Prompt -

Start free writing using these words:
By the time they found his body, he...

By the time they found his body, he had already partially returned to the soil.

The officers held their shirts over their noses as they searched the remains of the prone form for any way of identifying 

him. Gender was about the only thing they could still tell based on what was left of him. Starting at his head, there were 

still a few tufts of what was once blonde hair, covered in brown grime that most of them standing around the body were 

presuming was a mixture of blood and mud based on the large fracture in the back of the skull. The fabric of his clothes 

were tattered and torn and moss and mold grew up around his arms and legs as the earth tried to claim him for itself. 

The flannel shirt was covered in the same dark stains as his hair, as were his jeans and his hiking boots were still 

around his ankles, though they were reduced grime covered bones. 

"We know one thing for certain." The chief of police said quietly from under the rag that he had pressed to his face to 

block the smell of decay. "This was no accident." He rolled the body over with his foot so the man was now on his back. 

With a sickening slick sound, what had been left of the skin at the back of the man's neck snapped and the head rolled 

few inches farther than the rest of the body, and the smell of death grew stronger. A chorus of disgusted noises rose 

up from the ranks as they backed away.

Upon closer inspection, they found that along with blunt force to the back of the head, he also had several punctures to 

his chest. The dirt that had been under the man had become home to quite a few grubs and various other soil 

inhabitants. Some of them were even inside the chest cavity of the body itself. This body had been there for quite some 

time. In the dirt sat a stained leather wallet, Inside was money, and a few ID's. 

As the chief flipped through it he sighed. 

"It's Grady.."

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